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There’s not a whole heap written about procurement from, well the pyramids right up until 1914. We think the Egyptians were probably master purchasers and may even have been founding members of CIPS, but where did they source their materials from?

Two World Wars left indelible marks on our history. Probably one of the lesser known results outside of our industry was the increased need for well managed purchasing and supply chains. But who was head of the British Purchasing Commission during WW2?

In September 1983 the Harvard Business Review published an article by Mr Peter Kraljic, which is cited widely as the beginning of the transformation of procurement from a tactical to a strategic business activity. What is Kraljic best known for?

Our next stop in our Brief History of Procurement is the World Wide Web. Sir Tim Berners Lee is credited with the invention of the internet in 1989. What was the first thing to (reputedly) be bought & sold online?

eCommerce companies thrived in the 1990’s, with the NASDAQ hitting an all time high in March 2000. How did many companies look to get a piece of the action?

It was all doom and gloom in 2008 with the global financial crisis. Precious metal prices soared and category managers the world over were sweating over the price of gold (they buy that right?) At its pinnacle, how much would you have to shell out for an ounce of gold?

In 2014 the elevation of the function continues. Chief Procurement Officers are recognised as important business leaders and begin to take on broader strategic responsibility. Which leading supply management solutions provider recently launched a report on Becoming a CPO in 2014?

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